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The Huis Center

Huis" means "hope" in Armenian. The Huis Center is created to inspire hope, provide healing and transformation through counseling, psychotherapy and psychoeducation. It offers services in English and Armenian. Huis Center reaches out to the surrounding communities of Los Angeles and Fresno Counties.

(818) 495-5102

Now offering teletherapy for anyone in California

Grief Counseling

If you are experiencing a recent loss (health, job, death of a loved one, or divorce), it is crucial that you process it with a trained professional. Research indicates unaddressed grief has negative health implications and effects our current relationships.

Restoration Therapy

Is about restoring identity and safety in therapy. Restoration framework stresses the importance of love and trustworthiness in family relationships. Individuals learn about identifying their pain cycles and how to effectively move into their peace cycles through simple and practical interventions.

Stress and Anger Management

Do you feel a knot in your stomach? Do you find yourself raising your voice? Often times when we are stressed we feel and act angry. Learning how to manage your emotions effectively may save your relationships!

Understand that anger is a powerful, but perfectly normal emotion. However, how we react (automatically) to people when we are angry or stressed, versus how we respond (thoughtfully) makes a huge difference.

Effective counseling for adult individuals, couples, families and groups in Pasadena and surrounding areas

  • The Huis Center fosters a holistic approach and an integrative style of counseling. We seek to understand and value the uniqueness and composition of each individual. Our culturally sensitive programs are designed to serve adult individuals, couples and groups.
  • The Huis Center offers Christian Counseling combining faith and science to help individuals find a deeper meaning and purpose for their lives.

Freedom is valuable and an expensive concept. To seek and find it is worth every effort. Sometimes it is that one phone call you make that makes a difference in your life, where you say I wish I did this earlier. You don’t have to do it alone. Change happens through relationships. Don’t isolate yourself. Call today (818) 495-5102 for a confidential appointment and professional guidance in a safe and therapeutic environment.


I reached out and found Tamar at the Huis center. She’s an excellent and skilled therapist. She is Christian based which helped me exponentially at a critical life point. I’ll continue to use the skills she showed me ♥️✝️

- kitterss1

Loved the idea of restoration therapy! the model helps you understand your identity and safety patterns when stressed out. Self regulation, mindfulness, and behavioral change is so important to be healthy in mind, body, and soul. The steps to the peace cycle made me understand how to control the enemy of doubt, lies, and defeat.

- Marina Toranian

Tamar is amazing. My mom and I appreciate all she has done. Truly upstanding, caring and flexible. I highly recommend The Huis Center.

- Alina Karimian

Due to Covid-19 we are currently offering private counseling services through video sessions.